Ramakrishna G

Ramakrishna’s personification of nature goes beyond its physicality in his alluring paintings. The depictions are beautifully rendered but with an enigmatic touch. He observes the effervescent phenomenal world as a trait of real but an unknown terrain to enter into. Like a photographer, he captures the mood or the ambience treated with metaphysical visual schema. At times, they are the embodiments of sense of loss, where the artist tries to distil his emotive empathies. If not, they are the chaos of life and death which he tries to confront. The unadorned reds and ochers predominantly occupy the bare vast negative spaces enhancing the significance of the isolated subject he paints. The smooth brush daubs cleanse the bleeding Christ, whom the artist envisions as an ephemeral tree under a burning Sun. He relentlessly searches for this sort of isolation even in extra territorial spaces. One can see the personified figures that are often shown in the centre of the composition in a pensive mood, as if they are left alienated. By and large, Ramakrishna successfully brings forth the aspect of real and unreal combining his artistic insights about nature and belief in his fantastic paintings.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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