Ramkrishna W Deuskar

Ramkrishna Waman Deuskar was the pioneer of the Modern painting in Hyderabad. He studied in Sir J.J School of Arts, Mumbai in 1900. Started off his career painting backdrops for Marathi drama companies, he was extensively tutored in plastic arts in Europe and produced excellent portraits of aristocracy in and around Deccan region. A close companion of Salar Jung-III, Deuskar was the first curator of The Salar Jung Museum and made innumerable recopies of European great masters contributing to its painting section. With an amazing innate talent, R.W.Deuskar was always engaged in capturing the essence of life and had an incredible vision of aesthetics creating hundreds of drawings and paintings in academic style. As an informed intellectual he mastered the art of rhythm, consistency and precision while working with whatever composition he painted. Unsurprisingly, painting portraiture had been in vogue in his times, around the aristocratic circle. Deuskar perfected his art not only painting recopies but also with experiencing the sensibilities of human life. With utmost attentiveness, hard work and reliability he painted realistic portraits of people whom he knew. His use of play of light, colours and accurate expression particularly in the execution of life like portraits is what made him a superb portrait painter of the era.

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