Surabhi Vani Devi

Vani Devi’s paintings can be seen in terms of subliminal artistic insight. Her landscapes may not be studied as the mimetic renditions of the visible world but could be understood as a means of transmitting her inner emotions about the phenomenal view. Unsurprisingly, the imagery of nature has been a potent source for her depictions. Like a cultivated artist, Vani tries to escape from quotidian reality and akin to a tourist, she witnesses and experiences the wonders of world and effortlessly captures the enthralling beauty of it. In this process, she not only obtains clues from nature contemplating on the subject of sublime but also brings forth her unfussy ideas about art. Her constant engagement with painting the picturesque compositions which encapsulate vast meadows, open skies and flamboyant vegetation bestow an aesthetic pleasure to the onlooker. What one could read from her exotic landscapes is the tremendous artistic temperament and the smart application of tonal values as she effortlessly adopts a conformist method of picture making and infuses her own sensibilities.

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