U Vijay Kumar

The vast pulsating pictorial terrains of Vijay Kumar Upadhyaya are not mere representations of nature but his inner chaos of existence. Growth as a quintessential element in most of his paintings emanate a sort of lyricism and enigma. In a given visual space, the artist makes an effort to show how ephemeral life surpasses the known and unknown hindrances just as a creeper or a tree pops out from a solid rock and goes on to claim its place in a beautiful phenomenal world. Vijay Kumar’s visual vocabulary is both complex and critical, as the metaphoric shapes conjure up claiming their entity alongside the fairy like imagery creating a sense of metaphysical ambience. The mysterious protagonists are often shown in a dialogue with their counterparts creating a dramatic symphony of real and surreal. However, for him, the figures are embodiments of nature but in an atypical manner, they are his pure aesthetic emotions which are translated into plastic visual forms. The enigmatic landscapes confirm his adroit sense and understanding of typical cosmic traits. What comes out here is the complexity of visualization and spontaneity. The subdued colours, highly distorted figurines and ambiguous forms all manifest creating these meta-scapes, where he cleverly organizes space and void suggesting a kind of movement. Focusing on recontexualizing mundane reality, Vijay Kumar’s flight of fantasy further embraces the aspect of susceptible human tendency.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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