GY Giri

The exteriors collide with interiors as the ‘real’ confronts with the ‘unusual’ in the paintings of G. Y. Giri, a sculptor, painter and a landscape artist. The compositions bear an element of personal yet talk about narratives of materialistic life in general. The gaudy colourful geometric patterns share the visual space with tiny depictions of material things creating a visual-scape of the artistic mind. Unlike his sculptures and landscapes, the particular set of paintings show vibrancy, sensuousness and provide an unusual ambience of solace to the viewer. His choice of vibrant hues, architectonic interiors and the lushy landscapes all come together manifesting an energetic visual space. Giri paints his surroundings in which he dwells by using his personalised style of pictorial depiction. He consciously makes an effort to arrange forms as he perceives juxtaposing them with symbolic elements. For him, painting is a window from which he constantly observes his own mundane experiences, conflicts and contradictions of life. On one hand, the paintings call us inside his personal space and at the same time, cry out loud for privacy and isolation which is successfully brought out through his tight compositions.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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