ES Spectra

Sani Spectra’s paintings are based on formalistic ideals such as line, colour, and play of light. It is indeed an ideal, several early modernist painters believed in such as the unity, harmony and light which create an aesthetic quality. The fluidity, dramatic play of light and the lyrical expression are what the artist strives to bring about in her paintings. She often portrays a young woman amidst nature as if welcoming the beauty of nature into her material ambience as she yearns to replace it with a glimmer of light and colour. For Spectra, the bold use of tinted daubs and the impression of wet brush strokes are the significant fundamental features in picture making. Apparently, she employs the very fundamentals, embracing them as her visual grammar to cater to her compositions. Her painterly language is characterised by such canons where she expresses her emotions through the play of loud colour and light.

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