Akbar Mohammad

The earthy hues occupy the impromptu back ground and the figures stare at the onlooker. The aesthetic permeations inevitably generate ambiguous meanings. With these sensibilities, Akbar, a self-taught artist and illustrator, shows exhilarating flavour of Deccan amalgamating both conventional and modern approaches. The indigenous opus that indicates the rustic identity from where he hails is apparent in his art works. What Akbar tries here is not just to show the provincial artistic influence, but to understand the motif and its varying connotations. The motif is a metaphor for collective consciousness and his engagement with nature. He translates his lyrical ideas into visual elements from there he searches for the unknown bond between images that are juxtaposed. His use of charcoal and acrylic mediums does not dictate his artistic ability but enable him to explore newer approaches. Through the fundamentals of art he brings about the symbolic entity of forms that elucidate various concerns of ontological relationships. His earlier art works are centered around women, nature and sensuality, which is cleverly manifested by symbolic forms and expressions. However, Akbar avoids direct erotic depictions recreating the mood only with few tried and tested metaphors.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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