Jayanth Manda

Jayanth with his semi-abstractionist mode makes an effort to capture the beauty of urban-scapes. One can see a vigorous painterly approach of the veteran artist while dealing with the pictorial organization. Employing his own device of picture making, the artist creates impressively evocative and introspective art works, where he uses delicacy of brush daubs, patterns and under tones that occupy the vivacious paintings. Jayanth’s desired subject matter is the raw depiction of his native dwellings and ruins. Perhaps a strong inclination to mark his vibrant surroundings in a typical abstract mode is what helped him in finding his oeuvre. At times, these semi-abstractions are further plainly abstracted to attain illusory piles of partitions and portholes of the urban-scapes. The schema of paintings evokes aesthetics of a different kind, where fundamentals are transmuted and mutilated in order to achieve a sense of abstraction filled with emotion. The heaps of architectonic splinters are arranged in such a way that the mutilated and fragmented constructions of ‘real’ turn into beautiful geometrical shapes which emanate both a murky translucency and pitch opacity. Thus, the tamed and toiled compositions play a hide and seek concealing and revealing the mundane realities.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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