Kamla Mittal

Kamla Mittal’s strong inclination to the native art and craft is evident in her beautiful paintings. This is perhaps due to the artistic baggage that she carried from Santiniketan School and her serious engagement with collecting art for the museum she was associated with. Her longing for drawing, painting and wood-cuts further extended to learning Batik technique, which she absorbed and put in practice over the years. Kamla’s earlier artworks were largely inspired by Indian miniature, where she tried to imbibe the sensibilities of Indian art and depicted her desirable mythological themes. The later works have much to do with femininity and domestic life. By and large, her paintings are characterized by indigenous formalistic traits in which simplicity, serenity and direct narrative approach seem to be attained with great sense of nativity. Her compositions predominantly bear women engaged in household work, busy gossiping and taking part in mundane activities. What Kamla brings about through her paintings is the aesthetic quality, where flowing unbroken contours, delicacy of colour selection and the rhythm of pictorial arrangement allure the viewer serving a visual feast.

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