Laxmikanth Peddi

Laxmikanth’s drawings do not depict spools and spindles but the deplorable conditions of his own community, the handloom weavers of Telangana. These implements are depicted here as metaphors for the jobless weavers, who lost their vocation due to encroachment of modern technology. Through his simple drawings and prints, the young artist expresses his anguish and discomfort. Laxmikanth observes these awful conditions and impracticality of the weaving implements at home and around and so, incorporates them in his visual compositions. He weaves a narrative of his nostalgia that reverberate his empathy towards the hardworking deprived community. A plain background is blown up with realistic imagery done in pen and ink as the lines guide us all along the forms. The simple and austere drawings are created by untainted line as if an unbroken thread is coming from a spindle. At times, the thread itself replaces the ink lines and is carefully interwoven on the canvas resembling the frail blood veins. With this agony, Laxmikanth develops his visual idiom that appears as a sugar-coated bitter pill.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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