Avani Rao Gandra

Avani Rao Gandra’s recent paintings largely negotiate with space and void, where she materializes her artistic insights translating them into unidentified forms. Her longing for deforming the forms, which she considers otherwise abstract and subliminal, is apparently palpable in her non-representational depictions. By and large, the compositions epitomize her incessant struggle to poise spatial illusions, which are often convoluted with heavy overlapping of lazy brush strokes and impasto. However, her schema of painting seems to be simple, where she cherishes the entire process of painting. With a constant and conscious effort to understand the nuances of color, space, line, composition etc, she develops a sort of attentiveness that is visible in her mind-scapes, which are characterized by spontaneity and dynamic gestural treatment. By doing so, Avani rediscovers the anonymous beauty of the unreal and the unknown.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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