Akshay Anand Singh

Having studied under Kavita Deuskar and Laxma Goud, Akshay effortlessly imbibes his painting style from his mentors. Over the years his work evolved through documenting his environments in and around Dhoolpet, a busy centre for petty business and craft, exploring the possibilities of depicting the world around and catching up with permeation of aesthetics. He observes as a connoisseur and captures the people of Telangana in the urban milieu. His representation of crowds in typical outfits and their culture irrespective of communities is predominant in his coloured drawings. This imagery seems to be quasi-realistic against the plain backdrop juxtaposed with autos, streets, cluster of shops, open bazaars and the beautiful architecture of the old city. His preoccupation with celebration of life is evident in his subtly rendered drawings, where he illustrates festivities, rituals and conglomerations. Interestingly, he confines himself to the mundane reality of the city exploring ordinary life in Jummeratbazaars, Irani cafes and so on. What might be suggestive in his paintings is a peaceful amalgamation of cultures, a strong bonding between people, sharing and caring each other while working for daily bread, celebrations, commuting etc. Akshay reiterates the harmony of life by bringing these inter-cultural realities in a more symbolic fashion.

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