Chinthala Jagadish

A sculptor and a painter par excellence, blended together into a perfect combination is artist Chinthala Jagadish. Highly inspired from folk sculptures, his forms are basic shapes but extremely well finished and painted in exuberant, lively and vivacious tones of fresh colours. While his earlier paper mache’ figures were of typical Indian middle class family engaged in their day to day lives of struggle and survival, the masks that were created later on seem to be signifying the innumerable treacherous veils that men wear all the time in performing their social duties. Using an often neglected medium paper maché to make huge life size figures, Jagadish has proven that no medium is banal for art making. His paper cut collages are another example of indulging with trivial tools to make impressive landscapes that form out of neatly cut colored pieces of paper stuck together to create tones and shades without the actual use of paint or brush. His predilection for beauty in nature is evident from the vast rows of trees and foliage that form an integral part of the landscapes, or the ‘Flower’ series in which he enlarges small, short lived wild flowers into large forms that adorn walls of his studios in vibrant, scintillating hues. His recent sculptures are far more three dimensional where, he makes fantastic animals like dogs and sheep in aluminum, painted yet again in beautiful designed patterns.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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