MG Reddy

The bold totem like figurines and the naïve rudimentary forms carved out of a chunk of wood or stone are the signature style of Marri Gopal Reddy. In the hands of the talented sculptor, the reliefs and the round sculptures are vigorously transformed into desired symbolic forms which seem to be largely influenced by local deities, archaeological rudiments and primitive art pieces. Reddy captures a sense of beauty in boldness as he finds a visual means to discover suitable imagery according to the medium he chooses to sculpt. His penchant for local imagery is apparent in his wood-carvings, where he represents his environs in a very simple manner without losing indigenous characteristics of the creation. He dealt with all sorts of sculptural motifs and patterns working with a variety of urban themes and folk forms which are marked with his rough chisel wounds. One such leitmotif that comes into fore is the mask like male totemic figure akin to an Iberian sculpture, where Reddy perceives an indispensable character of medium, idiom and the volume of the raw material while chipping it down.

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