Ambadas Mahurkar

Mahurkar is renowned for his wet on wet technique using splendid watercolour hues. He kept this technique alive creating numerous artworks in his lifetime. His enthralling colour schemes and the mode of application, is what makes him very unique. The landscapes, where the thin transparent layers of hues are applied, absorb and create forms revealing a sense of sublime. Wet on wet watercolour technique is often prone to accidental forms revealing a fluidity and dreamy effect, where indifferent and indefinite hues fuse together enhancing the images. These images are impressions of beautiful nature, consciously controlled and embraced by the artistic skill that is adopted by Mahurkar. The choice of medium is obvious to him as many of the 20th century Indian artists have worked with this medium considering this as ‘Oriental’ and ‘Pan-Asian’ in reaction to the Colonial academic art. In Bengal, watercolour is regarded as one of the prime mediums and wash technique is widely used in Shantiniketan even today. Mahurkar seemed to lean towards this convention exploring the sensibilities and unpredictability of the medium and evolved his personal idiom over the years. He delightfully renders the phenomenal world not only capturing eternal exquisiteness of it but also by perceiving forms that emit unusual luminosity from which he obtains his colour palette.

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