Annavaram Srinivas

Swirling and twirling, the tiny painted dots form geometrical patterns akin to a galaxy. A painter of immense talent, Annavaram Srinivas meticulously recreates the vistas of his motherland. Started off as a figurative artist, he gradually moved on to a nonrepresentational practice, representing the lush farms, wide lakes and exuberant woods. His earlier art works are schematically stylized and the subject matter is derived from his rural life, where men and women are depicted with typical outfits. Whereas his later works are inspired from Australian aboriginal dot paintings formulating codified abstract forms with an entirely new approach to the subject. The methodically organized geometrical patterns akin to the sub-cellular structures emblematically show his countryside creating an optical illusion. He uses this enticing visual dialect to convey pictographic and geographic locations of the region. The acrylic paintings on large canvases are typified by the incessantly drawn abundant white dots. The barren semi tropical landscapes mesmerize the viewer with the enigmatic quality as the colours and the infallibility of his craftsmanship are employed here with extreme arduousness. The earthy raw siennas, yellow ochres and brick reds are overtly used in order to signify the barren lands, hillocks, pathways and dried lakes. With an appealing technique and temperament the artist comes up with a flawless treatment and balance.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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