T Venkanna

Trigulla Venkanna, a talented young artist exhibits a strong graffiti like cryptic aphorism and staunch erotic imagery in his bold expressionistic works. He selects all kinds of media to express his inner feelings and the harsh realities scrutinizing the socially constituted ethical values that exist within contemporary society. At times, they are biographical, which evoke his sexual insights, a conflict of personal and social practices. He draws effortlessly and spontaneously using any medium which show less distortion with more expression. The paintings in particular are treated schematically and systematically using popular images and personal character. His subject matter is predominated by sexual imagination and critique of the stereotypical interpretation of it. The artist draws a lot from artists of yester years appropriating their imgery and re-presenting them in way that suits his concepts. Venkanna’s paintings appear as playful renderings of nostalgia and personal identity. A strong gestural application of colour and the treatment of the surface with montage like plethora of figures is what characterize his aesthetic realm. For Venkanna, the whole process picture making itself is a performance act as he makes numerous childlike scribbles, constructing and reconstructing the layers of hide and seek metaphoric visuals.

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