His thoughts and emotions fuse together at a small and intimate scale, whereby a delicate use of flaw less linear etching technique is employed. The gorgeousness of the unseen nature becomes palpable as his visual poetry. The poetry further continues through the works of Anantaiah in a more vigorous and nocturnal countenance of the nature, where burly masses of lines bond to form an obscured profundity. Anantaiah is regarded as one of the few talented printmakers of the region. He is known for his technical excellence, which he evolved over the years and creates an atmosphere of tranquility devoid of human presence. The artist perhaps longs for an eternal peace in these faraway bountiful landscapes. A strong inclination for nature extends to the etchings that are schematically rendered to show the sensibilities of etching and aquatint, where he depicts creepers with bunch of beautiful pumpkin leaves, textured rocks and tiny birds using astute rendering of inner and outer spaces. The monochromatic aquatints, beautifully distorted and constructed, evoke a certain kind of placidity, nocturnal ambience, which emblematically shows the idyllic beauty of his native. One can see a master hand in using aqua-tint medium ingeniously for each form differently attaining diverse tactile qualities emitting exciting luminosities.

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