Anjani Reddy

Eminent painter Anjani Reddy creates works of art that are vibrant, nonchalant and true to her surroundings. The women are central in her canvases, who in their innocent beauty engage in daily routines, festivals and rituals that are supposedly part of a woman’s domestic life. The wedding series is a vivacious set of paintings that illustrate and narrate the marriage ceremony. The women in their constricted spaces nevertheless seem quite happy by indulging in the alluring pleasures of domesticity and womanhood. Another imperative theme that one may come across in Anjani’s paintings is a sense of nostalgia, of a lost childhood and youth, which the women seem to glorify and yearn for. Anjani’s world is a memoir of her own familial life inscribed, coloured and narrated in translucent layers of paint reckoning effervescent times only possible to be captured in an artist’s mind which later find escape onto the canvases in a glorious assault of colour and movement. The floral patterns formed with brush work that encrawl the compositions enhance the wistful quality of her paintings thus calling the attention of the viewer to enter and voyage through an explosion of colour and design to read a tale hidden in layers of tones.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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