With speckles of colour and tiny rhythmic brush strokes, Aqeel constructs and deconstructs expressionistic forms which he paints with utmost vigour. The artist endeavours to understand the virtues of the cosmic traits and its correlation with rhythm of life. He chooses to paint concrete forms juggling with the ideas of insubstantial entity within the cosmic order. Through these dynamic depictions, he traverses into indefinite aesthetic terrains creating an aura of spirituality. Aqeel schematically plays with daubs of colours and lines creating sense of enigmatic mood and resonance. The curvilinear brush strokes, trailing and colliding all over the canvas, produce a cluster of tones. For him the paintings are ‘sound-scapes’, a perfect fusion of colour, dance and music that takes him into a hypnotic trance. What one can notice in the painstakingly executed gestural paintings is the artistic will to instil strong pious emotions. At times, these emotions are 'puristic' and discharged very naturally forming curious shapes of colour and tonal values similar to the intonation of singer. The artist makes an effort to combine such spiritual insights and intuitive emotions while painting identifiable icons.

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