Arpita Reddy

The artistic tradition of the God’s own country inspired Arpita Reddy to take up the tedious job of re-creating beautiful paintings on canvas. With its splendid vegetation and abundant foliage as topographic feature, Kerala’s murals too have the abundance of detail in the composition in which she mastered. Arpita learnt all the nuances of the tradition and its canons with immense passion realizing the visual composition is abided by strict features such as stance, proportion and the depiction of iconography. Even the expression of eyes and the depiction of the animals and other patterns are traditionally encapsulated. Following the broad principles and specificities, Arpita does justice to the art that she wants to preserve and implements the prescribed canons for depiction of the face which is to be divided into three sections and the neck is to be one-fourth of the face and so on. The paintings show dramatic emotions and performative positions in terms of the stances and poses of the characters. Perhaps the performing arts such as Kathakali, Koodiyattom and other forms of theatre influenced the artist. What mesmerizes the viewer is the perfection of drawing and adroitness in painting that is employed by the artist in creating such huge compositions.

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