The Galloping horses, grand citadels and beautiful landscapes have all been the popular themes of Aziz. The astounding blend of paint and oil for him is a "suitable expression of his inner self", which is neither confined to any set of conventions nor belong to any particular school of expression. He carries out a process where charcoals, watercolours and oils come together and evolve into a unique style of execution. The artist cleverly exploits the sensibility of mixed medium as the Plaster of Paris is combined with Zinc oxide until suitable and applied thickly on a pre-treated canvas. A knife like sculpture tool is used to carve out the desired forms leaving out heavy textures that enhance the subject. The dried and finished relief is rendered with subdued colours, generally oil paints, to bring about the intensity of a three dimensional quality. It is believed that this unique language was developed and mastered by Aziz. The fluidity of forms which is rendered with immaculate dexterity shows vigour and vibrancy in his compositions. This exceptional versatility with different mediums and their clever use makes him an amazing craftsman.

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