Badri Narayan

Badri Narayan’s paintings are autobiographical and narrative. The folkish element in his painting is a deliberate attempt to reach out to the common people. As he was an illustrator for children’s fairy tales he narrates his own experiences and complex relationships with people in his 45 years of artistic career. He explored various mediums such as etching, wood-cut and ceramics but his long time interest was in watercolour where he tried and tested different themes without losing the Indian essence. Badri Narayan diligently draws images before filling them with subdued colours. Formalistically the figures are static yet show movement and dynamism akin to Indian folk paintings and miniatures. He plays with imagination and bewilderment by bringing dreamlike characters on to the visual spaces. At times, a kind of amusement is used that caters to his visual feast. The clever use of the pictorial space by assigning real and fantastic elements in order to narrate a story is apparent in most of his drawings and paintings. Badri’s strong inclination for Indian thought is clearly evident in his two dimensional flat coloured drawings and paintings. The most inquisitive feature in his paintings is a steady composition that includes recurring symbolism, through which he communicates with common man.

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