B Narsing Rao

Far away from existence, in search of a new connotation and pure aesthetic pleasure, he converses through gestural images and daubs of colours. He perceives and transgresses the very idea of forms through use of unusual renderings. A versatile artist and well-known Film maker, B. Narsing Rao’s recent paintings speak about 'specific structures' and very specific approach to a visual idiom he employs. His lucid abstractions, predominantly linear, evoke an unequivocal rhetoric of clout in the making of elegant but austere forms. At times, they are naïve and minimal, which are intended to transgress the schema of nonrepresentational itself. ‘Doing more with less’, the placidity and perfection is cleverly attained through a unvarying engagement with nature and cosmic world which he perceives with a creative bent. Forming and deforming the basic elements, his emotions are transformed and translated into myriad visuals. He makes an attempt to bridge his own aesthetics between tangible and the metaphysical by testing the sensibilities of various mediums such as markers, inks, watercolours, oils and acrylics as he recreates the ‘thing in itself’. ‘Death Valley’, ‘Mount Everest’ with markers, ‘Galileo’s Moon’ and ‘Montblanc Miracle’ in ink are few exemplary series of art works which explicate the artistic psyche.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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