B Rohini Reddy

Rohini has carved a niche for herself as a sculptress par excellence. As one of the few female sculptors of Hyderabad, Rohini is well known for her bronze figurines. They have won her critical acclaim which represent ‘womanhood’ and feminine in power. The sculptures express mute conversations, displaying their strength as all encompassing nature, bestowed with powers of birth, growth and nurture. In their meek yet dignified postures, these bronze figurines occupy thrones; sit under tree branches or beside their male counterparts. However the male characters appear to be submissive, while the female protagonists enjoy their own space and individuality. The female body itself becomes a spiritual ground for her as she takes inspiration from temple sculptures and architecture while making use of metaphors like seeds, creepers, doorways etc to talk about the inner realm within the body, i. e the soul. Her recent pen drawings display her skill and hard work done on large scale. The arduous rendering of the pen generates subliminal quality by bringing forth her theme and her entity together as one. Unlike the earlier sculptures where the female stands on her own, here the male and female figures share a space complimenting each other in a space filled with wondrous flora and fauna

2014 © Art@Telangana
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