Chippa Sudhakar

Chippa’s art evokes certain amount of delusion, where the human figures seem to be interacting with coded forms unleashing the silence. He deliberately makes them static as if they engage in a kind of unscrupulous activity. As a modernist, he has seriously engaged with the realm of imagination of imagery that directly comes from his experiences with people around him. The complex process of artistic insight evolves and takes an aesthetic shape communicating visually through a metaphoric glossary. He is gifted with immense talent that is apparent when he explores the sensibilities of different mediums such as printmaking, painting and sculpture. His earlier works in etching and aquatint were considerably small before he moved on to wood carvings. The carved reliefs often are embellished with copper and aluminium foils erasing thin barriers between art and craft. Each surface has different tactile quality enhancing the much familiar forms, which are inspired from his surroundings at the airy farm house studio at Kismatpura of Hyderabad. By doing so, Chippa nourishes and enriches his personalised visual idiom while treating the variety of pictorial surfaces with abundance of symbols and metaphoric rudiments which embody a kind of unknown spirituality as they are juxtaposed with mundane objects.

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