Chityal Vinoba Ambaji

The artistry of the master craftsman speaks about his ability in creating astounding naturalism. The life-like portraits, colourful landscapes, monumental sculptures and large murals prove his versatility and make him very special among the artists. Chityal Vinoba Ambaji, a self-taught artist began picture making at the age of five and enriched his aesthetics by capturing the beauty in everything under the Sun. Starting his career as a helper in a movie poster designing firm, he created innumerable promos, movie hoardings, cut-outs and set designs. Apart from his stint as an Art Director, the artist contributed public sculptures in the city of Hyderabad. Not limiting to life-like portraits, Ambaji also produced many creative paintings with subtle witticism. At times, the witticism is a serious critique of bourgeois fashion, urbanization and growing industrialization. Ambaji’s subject matter comes from world and life around him. He captures raw and true essence of character and pictorial illusionism infusing his innate talent of capturing the acute light and shadows. The paintings are so real and precise evoking photographic quality as the small speckle of paint is converted into beautiful tone and the high quality rendering amuses the viewer. With these superior qualities, the meticulous art works express the artist’s emotive expressions and the austere mimetic technique enables him to capture the faultlessness of the characters and whatever he paints.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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