Farhad Tamkanat

The paintings of Farhad Tamkanat, the younger brother of renowned artist Fawad Tamkanat, show a strong linear quality and subtle naïve distortion while portraying women. The figures in his paintings are none other than women of his locality. The artist witnesses these busy strong women, who are constantly engaged in their inevitable daily routine under the fragile facades. However, the depiction of women is certainly not to illustrate beauty, decoration and fashion, unlike many other Telangana painters, but to raise questions of their susceptibility. Hence, there is lack of embellishment seen in his paintings. The portraits are to be seen as embodiments of the frantic social life. There is certain empathy underlying in each expression of the portrait that he chooses to paint. He observes and captures their typical attires, stances and expressions. One can see a deliberate attempt to portray these interesting undertones using subdued tonal values. This is the core of his artistic vocabulary which has much to do with the representation of the old city of Hyderabad and the predicaments of the women in the urban society.

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