Fawad Tamkanat

Fawad’s subject matter comes from his own encounter with people in the city. He strives to develop his personalized style with untainted visual vocabulary that is easily understandable. He explores and experiments with various mediums such as dry-point, etching, watercolour, acrylic on tarpaulin and oil. His earlier themes include his favourite sensuous women, often engaged in love. Over a period, the fetishes gradually turn into well-dressed and embellished ladies. In both cases, the imagery evokes desire for material things. Perhaps the reality, what is seen is depicted here. The women are shown with thick contours gaze at viewers as if they need an attention. The other theme that he dealt with is city-scapes, where the old dwellings that represent cultural integrity are systematically distorted and beautified employing vigorous brush lines and thick hues. ‘Street Culture’ series is the recent style which evolves in photo realistic idiom. Fawad captures mood and the mundane reality of Hyderabad streets as if the busy murky business of ordinary life is frozen in his vibrant canvases.

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