G Ranga Reddy

Ranga Reddy is one of the few self taught artists who gained recognition without any formal training. True to his nature, his drawings and paintings are also innocent and childlike. Though not tribally rooted, Ranga Reddy absorbed naïve folk art attributes as a vigilant observer and expounded a style very close to Madhubani yet unique to himself. The creatures in his magical realm do not completely confine to human forms and are often hybrid forms. Effortlessly, he carries the onlooker into his enchanting world of magicians and snake charmers, where faces sprout out of trees, fishes leap out of earth and feet grow on double faced animals. His compositions are multi dimensional and may be viewed from different angles as images run around the borders as patterns. Analogous to many folk art forms, there is a central figure which holds an iconic entity in his drawings, which he calls the super magician, an allegory for the universal creator or the God, who as a conjurer creates wonders and sustains the world with an immaculate power. Smaller human and animal like forms surround him in a way adoring, worshiping and glorifying the primordial energy or the nature personified.

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