Gouri Vemula

An imaginary realm comes down to the Earth with baffling living organisms as they coexist with the inexplicable phenomenal world. The creepy curvy depictions invade the exuberant visual spaces. It is not a fairy tale that Gouri Vemula, a master craftswoman, wants to explicate with her astonishing renderings in pen and ink but a world that her oeuvre dwells in. In fact, she deals with the subliminal floating signifiers, neighboring inhabitants of a fantasy world rather than translating the fantasy itself. Thus, one cannot reduce this pictorial element to a fantastic redundant but has to understand it as the language of one’s’ inner self. Trees transform into human and birds camouflage with the branches as the metamorphosis takes place everywhere creating entirely an unknown dominion. The hybrid anthropomorphic figures with peculiar actions and sensuousness are the true facets of humans, this is what the artist strives to bring about. Repressed sexuality is premeditated through the horse-headed human form, the male counterpart and the feminine disposition is seen all over the scenery as the artist effeminates the bountiful picturesque environment. The plethora of metaphysical images logically connected and contrasted as if the repression results into hostility. With these varied emotional responses and aesthetic permeations, the amazing artistic engagement can be seen as a catharsis.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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