Gunda Anjaneyulu

Objects float claiming their entity on vivacious spaces and ordinary things locate their worth with an astonishing metamorphosis in the hands of Gunda Anjaneyulu. He creates a realm of beautiful still lives employing adroitness and treats them with meticulous details. As is evident, his hyper-realistic treatment of the banal objects creates a sense of deception, where the accurate tactile quality mesmerizes the viewer. Light becomes a means to discover the tangibility juggling with harmonious colour fields. This object and its objective depicted here is not to show its mere utility or to blindly follow the genre of ‘still life’, but to recreate an allegory. The banality of these objects is replaced by the pigment of paints glorifying the solemn object hood, giving a conceit meaning and redefining ‘the thing in itself’. Thus they exhibit the physicality and also divulge in metaphysical aspects. The artist’s selection of image is a conscious act, mutilating and morphing the image with numerous tones that seize the abstract imagery coming from the reflection. Things appear vaguely within the thing taking us to unknown imaginative terrains and the alienation of the object, which is devoid of cohorts, inevitably draws singular attention.

2014 © Art@Telangana
Developed by Eye Catch