K Laxma Goud

Paintings of Laxma Goud, evoke an indigenous identity in an effort to represent what is seen as ‘Telangana way of life’. His body of work seems to assert the identity of the region to which he belongs. It has become a benchmark, a sort of authenticity claim made by various artists in an effort to be part of this trend. His powerful drawings and skillfully rendered etchings apparently influenced many of his contemporaries. The vivacious protagonists are essentially dark skinned who are often engaged in sexual activity in a typical Telangana countryside, along with his recurrent motifs like goats or pigs that seem to assert their nativity with unabashed aplomb. He observes peculiar unselfconscious attitude towards sexuality as a part and parcel of life, contrasting to the urban rigidity and captures the eccentric natural settings with a pinch of eroticism, which embodies the rustic life, as if they were frozen in time. Semi naked women, wild tree trunks and goats with erected penises became the artist’s signature style introducing a new genre, a blend of nostalgia, the surreal, and the erotic. The etchings and drawings are more stylized, dramatic, if not grotesque and the interplay of chiaroscuro conceals and reveals the highly rendered forms. Laxma’s versatility over a variety of mediums such as mural, high relief sculpture, gouache, printmaking etc enabled him to switch over from one medium to the other creating amazing works of fine art.

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