Kandi Narsimlu

Kandi Narsimlu, a promising young artist who consciously employs the native visual idiom, enunciates the tang of his rural culture through his vibrant canvases and sculptures. What interests the viewer in his work is the use of minute details of accessories and ornamentation that is dealt with great dexterity. He cleverly exploits the susceptible sensibilities of things around him as his emotive visual aids express the deep relation between things and human beings. His array of stunning details and vibrant tonal values submerge each other to create a kind of energy in whatever entity he tries to bring out. The untitled works evoke a sense of memoirs of his besta (fisherman community) people who are often shown engaged in mundane realities and uncomplicated recreational activities. The artist tries to express them as complex cultural signifiers coding and decoding them through a variety of contrivances. Treating his compositions as flat design the artist plays with subtlety of tones rather than heavy delineation. The frontal long necked figures, jostling and gossiping, often stare at each other as if exhibiting themselves and also towards the onlooker. The clever use of the hues is suggestive of rustic affinity, where he locates himself as one of them. In his words, if the beauty is all about colour then every colour is beautiful when it is used as skin tone.

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