Kappari Kishan

Kishan’s preoccupation with young women with long plaits, typical of this region, becomes his trademark style focusing on the anonymous Telangana women and their peculiar activities. He plays with the aspect of real and imaginary, spiritual and mischievous, camouflaging the pictorial space. He recreates an ambience and ambiguity by introducing a device that weaves a dual narrative, where the protagonists themselves turn into performers reciting known and unknown narratives. Usually, they are placed in a tricky way showing only their back with dark brunette hair adorned with flowers and hair bands. The figures however, are the central characters as well as the viewers, who confront picturesque backdrop, a painting within a painting. Here, Kishan undermines the significance of characters, who only cherish or worship the ubiquitous backdrop, where nature, birds and at times the Buddha’s life are conceived as main themes. The women are often shown in tints and shades, while the background in monochromatic with plethora of images. This theatrical superfluity narrates trans-temporal anecdotes, sometimes even imaginative imageries, rebounding with a sort of multidimensionality. Fantasies are cooked and conversed as if the women observe the real and imaginary and commune with the figurines in front of them. Through his dreamlike paintings, Kishan yearns to bring about this metaphysical aspect.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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