Karuna Sukka

Pouring off her beleaguered thoughts and profound emotions, Karuna Sukka, a talented young women printmaker of the region, enterprises to work with large scale wood-cuts, whereby a robust flaw- less printmaking technique is employed. It seems the magnificence of unseen nature advents in her visual poetry. Karuna’s beautiful drawings, etchings and wood-cuts are autobiographical anecdotes, which conglomerate sharing and bearing the space within the considerably tight compositions. The worked out vast figurative portions appears to be seizing a delusive feeling as the artist depicts the emotional attachments to materialistic world and contradictions with social realities. At times, the figures conceived as metaphors for nature, culture or life oscillating within the peripheries of real and fantastic realms. What makes her so special is the interplay of visual narrative and the skillful renderings that are adroitly transposed on printable surfaces. The burly lines and the flamboyant hues surge onto the print area and the inadvertent textures produce energies reflecting tremendous qualities of the artistic temperament. Eventually, the repressed ideas of the ‘unconscious mind’ are reverberated and rejuvenated with the use of affluent personal visual language as she makes a humble exertion in carving and devising her creative impulses and stimulating the viewer's frame of mind.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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