Kavita Deuskar

Kavita Deuskar portrays the people from by lanes of old Hyderabad. From an early period onwards she engaged herself with human figures exploring various mediums such as egg tempera, colour pencils, dry pastels, etching, oil and watercolour. Like her teacher K.G Subramanyan, she is a versatile artist, who employs witticism in her paintings experimenting with art and craft. Kavita Deuskar notices unnoticed life styles of people in ‘havelis’ depicting them in a satirical manner. A scene from the old city, where a veiled woman is shown with a tea cup exemplifies the life in ‘haveli’ families. For the artist they are a ‘saas’ and ‘bahu’, having tea. ‘While the mother-in-law drinks from the cup, the daughter-in-law is drinking from the saucer’, the artist observes the disparity and hierarchy in traditional families even in eating and drinking habits. Her protagonists are shown in their community attires embellished with necessary accessories, rendered in vivacious colors. She uses a bright shiny color palette adding several tones to the canvas using a palette knife. Thick contours wrap up the human figures and forms that are layered with a blend of egg yolk and powder colour. Kavita creates elegant forms through a tedious process, where her mastery over the medium becomes apparently visible

2014 © Art@Telangana
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