Kiran Varikilla

Kiran Varikilla The somber earthy hues and the schematic representation of codified imagery of Kiran Varikilla accentuate his dominant inner-self. By and large a flawlessly rendered canvas echoes the artist’s opaque sensuality where the surreptitious metaphors collide with transparent visual space. With a solid phallic symbol in the middle, representing a foremost male desire or simply a dominant thought, the pictorial back drop conceals and reveals the essence of the artistic expression. The canvas is treated with thin layers of bright hues creating a hard but soothing visual surface upon which binaries are juxtaposed. For Kiran, the metaphors that were abstracted through a device of special segregation reflect the nature, the self and the truth. The vertical phallic symbol or the linga may be a predictable representation of spirituality or sexuality but it is also conceived as a dominant force, of sorts, for the artist. His earlier art works were predominated by eroticism and sensuality, a conflict between mind and bodily emotions which are altered into visuals. But the recent works become more non-representational and evoke a sense of metaphysical experience. On the whole the visuals can be seen as true expressions of the artist, who is not only engaged in picture making but also furtively traverses across the ecstatic erotic visual realms.

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