Kishan Duriseti

Kishan’s paintings focus on the changing aspects of culture in India and the world at large and investigate the new taste amidst the phenomenon of globalization. Though his paintings hold a pinch of ‘realism’, the approach is heavily dealt with fantasy. Water colour, Kishan Duriseti’s chief chosen medium epitomizes the transparency both in technique and the subject matter. The protagonist in his paintings being Mahatma Gandhi, a metaphor for austerity through which the artist shows the contradiction of life and morality. There is no effort done either to ridicule Gandhi or to misinterpret him as his intention is to show the significance of Gandhian spiritual values and the celebration of technology and how both can intertwine and coexist in building an entirely nascent culture. However, there is an element of fantasy, where Gandhi, a metaphor for life becomes more iconic in generating multiple meanings and ripostes the ideas of classicism. He draws a lot from pre-modern representation of icons to recreate his visual compositions. For instance, the sleeping Buddha of mahaparinirvana is a chief source for one of his paintings, where Gandhi is depicted amidst his followers. At times, Gandhi as a metaphor for peace turns into violent warrior reacting to terror havocs. The painting, where Gandhi blows a conch and the furious Gandhi dancing, on a tanker, probably destroying it, exemplify his annoyance.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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