Kumarila Swamy

Invigorated with the great spirit of Nationalist art of Bengal, Kumarila Swamy’s wash paintings show Oriental flavor, where he imbibed nuances of Indian classical and traditional art. The compositions are rendered with rhythmic contours, high quality of wash technique and enchanting use of colours. What one notices in his paintings is the perfection in drawing and the composition, in which indigenous subject is befitted. He was a prolific artist, created marvelous paintings using wide range of subjects belonging to Indian culture and life. His greatness lies on the assimilation of oriental art, with Bengal revivalist tradition and his artistic insight. He was considered to be one of the great masters of the time in rendering his watercolour and wash technique where diluted watercolor paint is applied repeatedly combining with repeated effective details with the help of drawing. The idea of painting themes around him shows his strong inclination to his native. Each part of the pictorial space is given utmost care and attention infusing expressions and emotions. The subtle tonal values are attained from repeating of several sets of washes with fresh hues and the mastery of the technique becomes visible in his art works showing a sense of simplicity with profundity.

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