Kurva Srikanth

Having been trained under experienced tutelage of artists in Baroda, Kurva Srikanth presents potential in exploration of various mediums, where he had a chance to paint and print both symbolic and playful compositions using subtle sensuality and stark eroticism. Through conventional mediums such as etching, he creates impactful visuals. Having worked with small scale etchings and lithographs, the medium opened up numerous possibilities and queries that helped him face challenges regarding miscellaneous mediums and techniques in Printmaking. Kurva evolves his own personal visual vocabulary which is necessarily based on his native roots. He picks up roosters, goats and bulls for his painted collages that are very commonly reared among Telangana families exemplifying his rustic identity. Though, these beasts and birds may easily be domesticated, they express their peculiar attitudes. Kurva grabs those very moments infusing his insight at times, imagining himself as one among them. Collage medium facilitated him with its natural tones and spontaneity whereby a crafts-manly skill is added to the process enabling him to work out a fresh and vibrant colour palette. His colourful animals and roosters fashioned with torn pieces of jhari silk borders, often schematically rendered show enormous movement and dynamism giving them a look of mosaic murals or stain glass compositions.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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