Mahesh Pottabathini

Mahesh Pottabathini’s paintings are an outcome of his nostalgia. He recollects the memories of his childhood days in his village growing amidst hand-loom shafts, spools and spinning wheels. He diligently paints men at weaving, women spinning the wool and their predicaments. His strong proclivity for the weaving tradition and his apprehension to the people of his community is his favourite subject matter. His earlier series of paintings and drawings, in cubistic and abstract style, comprises of weaving and spinning implements such as spools, spindles, bobbins and boat shuttles. These all transform into his visual vocabulary. At times, these implements are used as metaphors for his hardworking parents, who over the period lost their handful jobs of weaving. He exploits the beautiful forms of weaving tools in order to show their impractical use in modern era, where power-looms over took the vocation. Mahesh observes these deplorable conditions of his own community and the house hold industry. He does not stick to a homogenous style as he improvises his visual idiom according to the select medium. Apparently, the latest portrait series with woven paper resembling tapestry evidently show his patience and craftsmanship while working with popular images in a painstaking method.

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