Mohammad Rustum

A clam serene rural landscape with beautiful elongated women decorating themselves with ornaments, flowers and heavy anklets are the basic themes for Mohammad Rustum. The dark skinned men and women in his softly treated paintings are reminiscent of Indian temple sculptures or mural paintings as he drew a lot from these traditional and folk artistic practices. The posture of characters, colours, and the linear quality apparently evoke Indian sensibilities. Rustum captures the celebration of the rural culture, folklore and the rituals, where mostly women of Telangana are shown in beautiful attires. They are conceived as the ideal women, who indulge in daily routines with great responsibilities equivalent to men. He diligently paints farm men, artisans, agriculture labours and couples showing all aspects of rural life. The cattle and sheep wandering the vast green meadows escorted by a dog, graceful women going to the fields with food baskets etc are some rustic facets that Rustum observes. He illustrates in them philanthropic nature, a true humanity and their collective consciousness by painting these nuances of cultural and social conglomerations. Festivities like Bathukamma, (goddess of life) and Bonalu are such examples of social integration that the artist wants to represent in his refined paintings.

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