Narendra Rai

The words take shape of visuals and visuals sing unknown melodies in the magical hands of Narendra Rai, an accomplished artist, popular poet and musician. Like a percussionist he deals with the resonance of the nature, searching for and producing beautiful elements of the nature. Being a poet he brings forth the lyrical quality employing meticulous workmanship. The themes he chooses are people, their world and the spiritual aspect translating his creative urge. Thus he paints an assortment of subjects such as nayaka-nayika, beautiful picturesque landscapes and neo-tantric imagery embellishing the visual spaces with immense dexterity. A longing for Indian thought is so evident in his paintings. Evolving his distinct idiom, Narendra Rai, produced various series of paintings such as Amaru-Shatak (100 romantic poems), Prakriti series, Shringar rasa, Ragamala(the personification of ragas) and Barahmasa(twelve months) all inspired by Indian sensibilities. The artist cleverly uses symbolic elements and colour according to the subject. He comes up with beautiful nature series painting serene landscapes in which trees, birds and fish are rendered with great details. The compositions are conceived with minimal metaphors in an entirely different style. In 90’s he comes up with surprising subject matter, an athlete series playing with rhythmic body postures.

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