Narendranath Logisetty

The paintings and graphics of Narendranath Logisetty register the beautiful moments of rural life, portraying Lambada tribe and their daily activities. Another aspect of his painting is to bring realism to his composition, where no imaginative symbolic metaphor is evident reflecting the very nature of people of his native. His oil on canvas paintings and graphic prints are epitomes of such natural ubiquitous depictions and untainted characteristics of countryside. One of his painting series "Rural Life Style" elucidates various anecdotes on the life of indigenous people. The artist strongly believes that the indigenous flavor in the form of village life comes alive in his art. Technically, his style appears as quasi-realistic, where both drawing and colour impeccably go hand in hand. He successfully brings forth details in his compositions through characters shown indulging in routine actions. On the whole, the paintings demonstrate the celebration of village hood that is recreated with a simplistic temperament. Selling fruits and raising cattle are few of such activities that are inevitable efforts of the Lambada tribe to make both ends meet. The placement of figures in the pictorial schema and their varied but cordial and contended expression are captured with utmost attention.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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