Nirmala Biluka

Nirmala Biluka’s works reflect a strong autobiographical character, which focus on issues pertaining to femininity. She constantly uses the self reference as her protagonist narrating her own experiences of an enthralling journey of love, the contradictions in a relationship, and complex emotions involved in a marriage and life. Her protagonists are always depicted in yoga postures often meditatively engaged in finding the ‘self’ in the mystic nature. The fluid sensuous line is altered with multi hues running around the form enhancing the composition in which metaphors speak for the ‘other’. Not limiting to the modes of narrative painting, Biluka uses a wide range of imagery disseminating her memorandums and deliberately creates an ambience of disparate objects, which generate multiple layers of meanings. Her motifs are largely inspired and appropriated from Tantric and Buddhist Thangka paintings. In her series of paintings "Made in India”, mystic imageries are employed to talk about cosmogony or creation of world. Her recent series of large watercolours and scroll paintings are inspired from mythological representations of female characters such as Draupadi, Sita, Vedavati etc. With these as central characters, she relates them to a contemporary woman whose life is also full of struggles, pains and gains just as it was centuries back.

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