Pandurangaiah Daroz

P.R.Daroz is a well-known studio-potter, whose incredible ceramic works evoke true Indian sensibilities. His inspiration comes from Indian architecture, sculpture and tribal forms. His profound creations emerge blossoming out of a lump of wet clay as the artist gives an ideal shape to his imaginations. The imaginary imagery often twisted and toiled in the magical hands speaks native visual dialect as the clay forms metamorphosed from a modest studio pottery to sculpture and massive architectural installations. He creates forms, with a great agility and ability, ranging from platters to pots and monumental murals. The colossal pots and stoneware swallow the mild glazes of hush pinks, blue and purples leaving enthralling textures. Some of his murals show the dramatic rhythm, as the geometrical fragments are subtly carved, ornamented and juxtaposed according to the needs. The compositions reflect the artist’s idea about how both conventional and modern sensibilities can be amalgamated successfully.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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