Pendam Gauri Shanker

Distinguished senior artist and an art teacher who inspired students to follow their hearts while expressing emotions through art is Pendam Gauri Shanker. As a printmaker he achieved technical excellence and as a painter he gained recognition for his abstract renditions of landscapes. His earlier works possessed a lyrical quality in the usual prosaic Indian style but later on matured into his own unique style that reverberate emotions and belongingness to a particular land and proximity to nature itself. The earlier works reflect Cubistic or Quasi-cubistic approach. ‘Cow herd’ and ‘Lovers under the moon’ done in 1964 are examples of this style. His later paintings reflect the barren and hard land of Telangana, which has made an enduring impression on the artist’s mind over the years. The maze of lines and textures in his compositions seem to quiver with movement, even as his selection of colors is radiant and brilliant reminding us of the colors on South Indian temples. The loudness is rare but refreshing and striking. His works have a discernible centre, moving from a point connected by linearity, which emanate the solemn waves of feeling. ‘Village environment’(1969) and ‘Construction and Harmony’(1966) show his signature style abstract paintings in oil of vast landscapes in bird’s eye view with scintillating jewel like colors and geometric forms which invite the viewer into the terrains of the untouched land reminding of the artist’s topographical allusion.

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