Priyanka Aelay

Priyanka Aelay’s constant engagement with social themes reflects in her fine drawings and paintings. The striking impression of the works is the amazing sense of spatial organization, where masses of cross hatchings and sturdy negative spaces conspire creating an energetic composition. The intricacy and the consistency are the essential features that are tried and tested here inspired from conventional methods. However, the inquisitive expressionistic tendency is what makes Priyanka distinct from her artistic legacy. A deliberate attempt to amalgamate both the conformist and modernist techniques is clearly evident in her paintings. It appears that the amalgamation enables her to grapple with contemporary practice without losing the indigenous fervor. Hence, she often revisits the ‘folk’ traditions redefining metaphoric rudiments and exploring the artistic traditions. The drawings and paintings are characterized by ambiguity, where simple imagery reveals multifaceted issues of social life. A dialogue of inexorable feelings, which are heightened by the symbolic expressions, is translated through nascent visual vocabulary. The ambiguity continues in the series of self-portraits that disclose her artistic psyche and her multifarious identities exemplifying different moods. The distribution of tonalities which help distort the ‘framed’ images demonstrates her control over the medium and the spaces.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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