Ramavath Srinivas Nayak

Srinivas Nayak’s process of painting is characterized by the construction and fragmentation of vibrant imagery envisaging native woman as pictorial design and harmony. The figures are constructed through a means of essentially painted geometric patterns and dissimilar tonal values. Unlike cubistic rendition his images have limited view points as they are reorganized using tints and shades of same hues creating whole lot of disintegrated patterns. These local colours are divided and subdued demonstrating artistic possibilities of distortions and confederations. Here colour recaptures the conical image as it is confined to particular parts and the muddled but toned down rural backdrops differentiate the main subject. The idyllic women are subtly distorted yet appear beautiful often engaged in mundane activities. His depictions are real, palpable and innocent but the artistic process is tedious. Employing this complex visual dialect the artist creates a sense of sublime and brilliance. One of the important features of his art is the exaggeration of sensuousness as the dark folk woman exubers rustic beauty.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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